Revved Up at Rogerson Reddan


The Rogerson Reddan Karting Championship 2023 at Kylemore Karting was more than just a race; it was a spectacle where every turn told a story. Reigning champion Conor “Bump and Run” Browne not only reclaimed his title with a keen eye for a hairpin turn, but also skilfully evaded the attentions of Breen “Engine Growlin” Howlin to arrive at the finish line ahead of schedule.

The afternoon began with some “friendly” warm-up laps before things really kicked off. There was no more playing nice once the racing started, and Chris “The Bull” Dunne made sure to let David “The Matador” Keenan knew all about his presence on the track. Declan “The Brawler” Lawlor knew better than to pick a fight with “The Bull” on this occasion.

RR petrolheads

Jonathan “The Governor of Gasoline” Blennerhassett showcased laser focus, slicing through the chaos caused by the John “The Hurricane” Higgins with surgical precision. Meanwhile, Peter “The Iceman” Boylan displayed a chilly temperament, overtaking Shane “Chicane” Robertson and John “The Kildare Comet” Hughes with composure, leaving his opponents in his dust.

In a head-to-head showdown, Janita “Speedway” Verwey and Michael “The Tractor” Murphy brought the crowd to the edge of their seats, exchanging positions with the finesse of seasoned pros. The twists continued when Jimmy “Fireball” O'Neill must have thought he was on a NASCAR track, as he took a corner too wide and found himself nestled in the barrier.

Left to Right: Iceman Boylan (2nd place), Bump and Run Browne (1st), Engine Growlin Howlin (3rd).

Once the wheels had stopped spinning and the rubber had stopped burning, the RR team gathered at The Angler’s Rest for a mighty feed and no shortage of tall tales.

Ultimately, the RR Karting Championship 2023 will be remembered not just for Conor Browne’s underhand tactics, but also for the thrills and spills along the way. Asked for comment after his victory, Conor sagely quipped: “It’s not about the destination, its’ about the journey you have along the way… as long as you finish in first place!”