Project Management

Planning and management are essential components in ensuring the successful delivery of projects.

Capital projects involve significant cost, time and risk. Projects bring together a unique mix of objectives, constraints, people and risks. A Project Manager is needed to develop and bring these elements together into a coherent plan and then manage them through all project stages to a successful conclusion. Rogerson Reddan's mission is to be a trusted partner to our clients. We do this by internalising the project objectives and having the character and competence to pursue them, on the client’s behalf, to a successful completion.

We help Client answer the questions:

Appraisal - Is there a better way of doing this project?

There are generally a range of options available to Clients when they are considering how they can realise their objectives. Finding the best solution to achieving these objectives is critical to a successful outcome. Rogerson Reddan will help you identify and consider all of the options available to you whilst factoring in constraints and the potential impact of unexpected events.

Plan - Now we know what we want, how do we get it?

A plan defines the project's needs in greater detail. It factors in items such as Surveys required, Statutory Compliance obligations, (Planning, Fire Safety, Disability Access), Health & Safety legislation, procurement of Design Teams, procurement of Contractors, Detailed Design tasks, Construction tasks and Commissioning & Handover tasks.

In the case of public works projects, a plan also addresses procurement law, the Public Spending Code and the Capital Works Management Framework.

Rogerson Reddan is skilled at weaving all of these elements into a clear and comprehensive plan of work. This plan of work provides order and direction so the project team knows the ‘when’, ‘what’ and ‘how’ of getting the job done. It promotes innovation and reduces inefficiency. Planning creates standards for controlling projects so that teams remain “on-task” and focused. And finally, planning facilitates decision making and reduces the risk of uncertainty.

Procure - How do we get value for money from the market?

When designing and planning the procurement services for project works the main objectives is typically to achieve value for money in an efficient and accountable manner.

Public Bodies/ Contracting Authorities have the added onerous obligation of legal compliance. This legal obligation requires that their procurement processes are designed and administered to ensure they deliver competition, equal treatment, non-discrimination and process transparency.

Rogerson Reddan has extensive knowledge and experience in public procurement. Its planning, integration and execution in project plans requires careful management and control so the risks of delay or challenge are minimised.

Contract - How do we do the best deal and ensure your interests are protected?

Contracts formalise agreements by defining the terms and conditions under which goods, services or works are purchased. Contracts impose legal obligations on each party to the contract. It is critical, therefore, that these contract obligations are clear and unambiguous.

Contract administration requires structure and rigour to manage the wide range of stakeholders that are required to realise the project. Rogerson Reddan possess the knowledge and experience to set up and run these structures and the skills to manage the relationships.

Deliver - How do we get a quality job in time and within budget?

Delivery is about ensuring everybody does their job and get things done as efficiently as possible. Rogerson Reddan has the “hard” skills and systems to monitor, control and report on time, costs, change, risks and quality. Rogerson Reddan has the “soft” skills to manage communications, performance and relationships between stakeholders.

Risk - How will we avoid things going wrong?

Risk Management is a means of improving your confidence in the successful outcome of your project. It considers what might go wrong on the project and then puts a system in place to avoid or mitigate the event.

To ensure its successful application, Rogerson Reddan will initiate a Risk Management system at project initiation, secure “buy-in” from all project stakeholders and give it high visibility and frequent review.

Quality & Performance Management - How do we get this right first time?

Service deliverables that are incomplete, late, or of poor quality result in time delays and expense, not just for the offending party but also for the project and other team members.

Rogerson Reddan develops plans to ensure that tasks are done right, first time, and delivered on time. Rogerson Reddan's own processes are quality-managed and are certified under ISO 9001: 2015. Construction quality is governed under the statutory requirements of the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2014 (BCAR). Rogerson Reddan ensure that a legally compliant BCAR system is set up and controlled once projects go to site.

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What our clients say

As always, I should add that I greatly appreciate the total professionalism and expertise of the Rogerson Reddan team throughout this project.

Property Developer

Our experience in working with Rogerson Reddan has been positive, finding them to be attentive, proactive and skilled in the delivery of the required services.

Public Authority

I also want to take an opportunity to say that Rogerson Reddan are providing us with excellent support over the last few months. It is great to see the work being progressed so efficiently.

Public Authority

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