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Bespoke Advice on Procurement and Contract Strategy

Rogerson Reddan understands that each project and client have different requirements and priorities. There is no "one size fits all" approach for construction contracts.

In an industry with a wide range of procurement options and contract types, getting contract strategy right from the outset provides a springboard for project success, avoiding potential pitfalls, and ensuring that the procurement route and associated contract documentation are aligned to the client and project objectives. To achieve this, Rogerson Reddan provides bespoke advice to its clients on all aspects of procurement and contract, for both the public and private sector.

As such Rogerson Reddan listens to its clients’ needs and wants, looks at the requirements and priorities for each project, and tailors its advice accordingly. Rogerson Reddan is not afraid to question the status quo and to examine whether there is a better way to deliver the optimum result.

Contract Strategy and Advice services provided include:

Procurement Strategy Advice

Whether it’s a traditional employer design and tender option or design and build, management contracting or construction management, Rogerson Reddan has the expertise and direct experience to guide clients on the most appropriate procurement strategy for their project.

Guidance on Contract Type and Contract Wording

From the various forms of public works contracts to the wide range of private sector contracts, along with bespoke amendments to standard forms of contract, Rogerson Reddan carefully advises its clients through the process of contract selection and amendment.

Project Monitoring / Due Diligence Reviews

Rogerson Reddan advises funders and other third parties on the merits and risks associated with particular construction contracts, and has undertaken Project Monitoring appointments on projects from €1m to in excess of €100m.

Development Agreements & License Agreements Advice

Whether a developer, funder, tenant or purchaser, Rogerson Reddan can advise on the risks associated with development and license agreements to ensure that your interests are protected in a comprehensive and workable manner.

Conditions of Engagement Advice

When appointing a design team it is important to have  comprehensive  conditions of engagement in place with appropriate definition of what is required from each consultant. Rogerson Reddan assists by drafting bespoke agreements including detailed schedules of services to be provided.

Collateral Warranty Advice

Collateral Agreements (Warranties) are now an almost universal requirement on construction projects.  Rogerson Reddan will advise on the appropriate strategy, including participants from whom warranties should be obtained, specific requirements including warranty wording, professional indemnity insurance requirements, etc.

General Contract Interpretation

Rogerson Reddan’s directly relevant experience allows it to provide clients, design teams, contract administrators, contractors, and employers representatives with clear advice on how best to manage the operation of a contract throughout a project.

Bespoke Training

Rogerson Reddan provide bespoke training programmes to public sector clients covering the implementation of the CWMF, public procurement of construction works and the effective administration of the PWC suite of Contracts.

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"There is no one size fits all approach for construction projects. 

Here at Rogerson Reddan we listen to clients’ needs, look at the nature of each project, and tailor our advice accordingly. We are not afraid to question the status quo and to ask – is there a better way?"   

Peter Walshe, Director

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