Procurement is not just about regulatory compliance. It is also about planning to achieve value for money, cost certainty and efficiency.

The Irish Government purchases approximately 21 billion worth of works, services and goods annually. All of it is governed by national rules and much of it is governed by EU Procurement Law. The law has many rules and requires public buyers to exercise the principles of non-discrimination, equal treatment, transparency and proportionality when planning, compiling and evaluating tenders. National rules around procuring works and work related services, fold into procurement law where applicable and comprise the Capital Works Management Framework and the Public Spending Code. For public authorities, procurement is a powerful tool for spending public money in an efficient, sustainable and strategic manner. The Government, through its recent policies and strategies on Green Public Procurement (GPP) are committed to using their purchasing power to drive innovation that will reduce our emissions and protect our environment over the full lifecycle of the works, services and goods. 

Rogerson Reddan has the knowledge, skills and experience to help public authorities comply with these laws, and to design procurement processes that deliver on their requirements as well as complying with these critical policies and strategies. 

We help firms with:

Plan - How to comply with the law and government policy?

There are many parts to a procurement process; deciding what you want, finding out what the market can provide, deciding on the best procedure to use, writing your tender documents  that are legally compliant and include Government policy, ensuring equal treatment and transparency in evaluation. Careful planning is absolutely essential.   

Procure- How to find the best company to do the job?

The procurement process involves development of the tender documentation, writing quality criteria that are clear, focused on finding the best suppliers that can satisfy the requirements and structuring evaluations in a transparent manner so all see the process is fair. 

Contract - How to get what you want?

Contracts impose legal obligations. They formally specify what you want as well as defining the terms and conditions under which the goods, services or works are purchased. It is critical, therefore, that these contract obligations are clear and unambiguous.  

Contract administration requires structure and rigour to monitor and to ensure the requirements are delivered.  Rogerson Reddan possess the knowledge/experience to competently formalise and administer the contracts.  

Deliver- How to get through this process as efficiently as possible?

The process can be complicated, have many moving parts and involve a lot of people. It requires project management skills to get it done as efficiently and as quickly as possible. Rogerson Reddan have the hard skills and systems  to organise and the soft skills to manage communications, performance and relationships between stakeholders. 

Risk - How to manage the inherent risks around public procurement?

The procurement process is policed by the suppliers, service providers and contractors that tender for public contracts. They have powers to stop and challenge a process where they believe they have been unfairly treated. This requires risk management to be considered through all stages of the process so as to improve confidence in the successful outcome of the project. 

Quality - How do we get this right first time?

Rogerson Reddan plans for quality to ensure tasks are done right fist time and delivered on time. Rogerson Reddan's own processes are quality managed and are certified under  the ISO 9001: 2015.  

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