Programme Management

Programme Management brings project management skills to bear on multiple projects.

Programme Management brings together a collection of related projects that share common objectives. Bringing them together ensures they are better managed.

We currently manage a number of schools programmes for the Department of Education (DoE). Each programme comprises approximately 15-20 schools with an approximate value of €250-350 million. All are employer designed and have architect led Design Teams (DTs). We assist the Department in procuring DTs and related services. Once DTs are appointed, we liaise with and support them in planning, speeding delivery and  supporting quality outcomes. We meet with our client monthly, reporting progress, resolving issues and managing risks.    

We also support Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) in delivery of energy upgrade programmes which typically entail a variety of projects under a single appointment.  Similarly we are supporting a number of Education Training Boards around the country in managing the design and construction process of their schools capital works programmes.

We help clients with:

Definitive Project brief- How to minimise the risk of change to your project?

Introducing change to projects generally has damaging impacts on budgets and schedules.

The Government obligatory Capital Works Management Framework  states that "project definition is the single most important exercise in the design process." By delivering a definitive project brief to Design Teams you are ensuring they can deliver a responsive and effective design process  without the costly iterations that can arise when changes are introduced.

Rogerson Reddan reviews project briefs, visits sites to establish/ verify constraints and develop Project Execution Plans for each project in the programme to ensure clarity of objectives and minimising the risk of change.

Plan - Now we know what we want, how do we get it?

A plan defines the project needs in greater detail. It factors in Statutory Compliance (planning and health & safety law, building regulation and in the case of public works, procurement law, the Public Spending Code and the Capital Works Management Framework). It must also do surveys and research to establish impacting constraints and risks. Rogerson Reddan is competent and skilled in supporting teams in weaving all these elements  into a clear and comprehensive plan of work.

Procure- How do we get value for money from the market?

When designing and planning the procurement of design team services and project works the main objectives is typically to achieve value for money in an efficient and accountable manner. 

Public Bodies/ Contracting Authorities have the added onerous obligation of legal compliance. This legal obligation requires that their procurements are designed and administered to ensure they deliver competition, equal treatment, non-discrimination and process transparency. 

Rogerson Reddan have extensive knowledge and experience in public procurement. Its planning, integration and execution in project plans needs careful management and control so risk of delay or challenge are minimised 

Contract - How do we ensure that what is required is delivered?

Contracts formalise agreements by defining the terms and conditions under which goods, services or works are purchased. Contracts impose legal obligations on each party to the contract. It is critical, therefore, that these contract obligations are clear and unambiguous.

 Contract administration requires structures and rigour to manage the contract and ensure delivery to cost, time and quality requirements. We possess the knowledge/experience to ensure that comprehensive contract administration processes are established, monitored, and reported on.

Delivery - How do we get multiple projects delivered on time and within budget?

Delivery is about having a plan that delivers the programme objectives; having clarity as to peoples' roles, responsibilities & tasks, monitoring and reporting on progress and promptly address issue and risks.

We have the hard skills to assist design teams in setting up delivery systems and then to monitor, report  and promptly address issues and risks that challenge the delivery of the project programme. Further, we have the soft skills to manage stakeholder communications, performance and relationships.

Risk - How will we avoid things going wrong?

Risk Management is a means of improving your confidence in the successful outcome of your project. Risk management considers what might go wrong on the project and then puts in place a system to avoid or mitigate the event. 

We ensure risks are managed by supporting the design teams to develop a risk management system at the start of a project and to report manage and review through all stages.

Quality & Performance Management - How do we get this right first time?

Service deliverables that are incomplete, late, or of poor quality result in time delays and expense, not just for the offending party but also for the project and other team members.

We ensure that design teams plan for quality to ensure tasks are done right first time and delivered on time. Our own processes are quality managed and are certified under the ISO 9001: 2015.

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What our clients say

The performance of Rogerson Reddan has been, and continues to be, of a high standard, bringing relevant expertise and innovation to bear on all projects.

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I also want to take an opportunity to say that Rogerson Reddan are providing us with excellent support over the last few months. It is great to see the work being progressed so efficiently.

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Major thanks to you and the Rogerson Reddan team for your assistance, good humour and patience.

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